This is a film recorded by BBC Wales, at the Royal College of Art in 2010. Stanley had died on the 9th September 2009 and sadly did not live long enough to see his first exhibition at The Cecil Higgins Art Gallery and Museum in Bedford in 2010. The Exhibition at The Cecil Higgins in Bedford  was called ‘Stanley Lewis The Unknown Artist.’  Approximately two years before Stanley died, he met Paul Liss.  It is uncanny how Paul Liss and Stanley met…the power of the internet!!!  Stanley had become very involved with the internet and was fascinated and often ‘played’ with his son-in-law’s lap top.    One day, his young friend Joanne Skinner, who visited him often with her children,  told him that a water colour of Stanley’s was for sale on Ebay.  ‘Put a bid on for £10’, said Stanley to Jo, which she did immediately.  He and Joanne monitored the auction on ebay all week and unfortunately Stanley was out bidden.  He pestered Joanne to find out the name who had bought the painting and she discovered it was Paul Liss.  Paul received an email from Stanley and he was dumbfounded, believing Stanley had died years ago. He immediately made arrangements to visit Stanley and the meeting was a huge success.  Paul recognised immediately that many of Stanley’s beautiful oil paintings needed to be rescued and restored.  He discussed a major restoration of the important works, and the possibility of a major exhibition. Works were taken to London for restoring and photographing.  Stanley worked closely with Paul and recorded the history of each of the works. Unfortunately, Stanley died in 2009 and the exhibition was held in 2010.  Jeffery Archer visited the Exhibition, but it was at The Royal College of Art a year later that BBC Wales filmed him and Peyton Skipwith, the art historian talking about Stanley and his work. and on the BBC film they can be seen talking about Stanley and his works.