Stanley Lewis’ Exhibition Catalogue.

Laugharne and Dylan Thomas

Horace the Horse

Adventures in Animal Town

advenures book


1 thought on “Books”

  1. Dr Patrick Oates said:

    Stanley Cornwell Lewis was an exceptionally gifted painter with an astonishing recall of his early life before WW1 when, as a child in Wales, his association with rural and farming life enriched his imagination to the benefit of many of his later ‘animal characterisations through his illustrated Children’s Books. But he was also a sophisticated painter, influenced by Painters of his formative years at the Royal College as in his friendship with Augustus John; and influential in turn to generations of younger Artists as the Principal of Carmarthen School of Art. His work as a War Artist during WW2 captures much of the minor domestic detail of his Military career as well as his commissioned masterpiece for ‘The Fleet Air Arm’ where he commemorated “The Sinking of The Tirpitz”.

    Cataloging his works have revealed an astonishing intellectual breadth, and a real virtuosity of Technical Skill and Aesthetic Sensibility. My frequent meetings with Stanley over many years also impressed me with a profound academic knowledge of the History of Art. His love of Drawing and complete competence in achieving mastery will continue to bring real pleasure to the Collector and to future Historians. He will eventually be fully acclaimed as one of the greatest of British Painters.

    Dr. Patrick Oates

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