Horace the Horse

In 1997 Min Lewis published  the first book in the Horace the Horse series. There were four books in all.   The first book  was called The Business Adventure of Horace Horse.  The publisher was  Pen Press Publishers Ltd. Her husband, Stanley Lewis, illustrated the four books. Min was 78 years old and Stanley 90 years old.  Stanley’s eyes were failing and began illustrating  the books with a 2b and 4b pencil.  All the  illustrations in the four books  are pencil sketches, but Stanley had every intention of working them in pen and ink.  However, due to his arthritic hands and poor eyesight, this never happened.

In the first book, ‘Horace, a clever and resourceful horse has a brilliant idea for a new business.  He sees a golden opportunity jumping around the canal flowing alongside his new cottage – frogs!  After months of careful and secret plotting he puts his unusual and masterful plan into operation.  What follows is an exciting story of success and disappointment but Horace and his friends have plenty of fun and adventures along the way’.

In 1998 Min published the second book in the Horace the Horse series.  It was called, Horace Horse meets Black Mare. This is the heartwarming story of Horace, the gentle dreamer, and the animals he meets as he tries to make those dreams come true.

‘In these further adventures of Horace Horse and friends, the ever resourceful Horace dissatisfied with his humdrum job, decide to open a chocolate factory and make his fortune.  However, running a successful business is not as easy as he thinks, and soon Horace finds himself involved in some rather shady dealings…And then he meets the beautiful Black Mare… But will she finally make an honest horse of him?’

In 2000 Min published the third book in the Horace the Horse series.  It was called, Horace Horse Rides Again.

In these further adventures Horace Horse, that well-known equine entrepreneur, is at it again.  A spate of burglaries in his local town gives him the clever idea of opening a private detective agency.  But there are those who are more than ready to outwit him – cunning Butcher Bull, for example – and he is soon forced to turn his talents to other thing.  From involvement in a booming mattress factory to a spell in a haunted house, and as Horse of the Manor in his very own castle, Horace’s continuing escapades will not disappoint readers who have come to know and love this amiable, eccentric character

In 2001 Min published the fourth book in the Horace the Horse series.  It was called, Horace Horse & his Tale of Tails. This third book is another delightful Horace adventure.  All her stories combine tongue-in-cheek humour with all the wit and verve readers have come to expect of Horace. From artist’s model to budding inventor, these fun Horace stories show that once again, our lovable hero still has his hoof on the pulse of business

‘In this third book Horace Horse is feeling down.  Despite living in a beautiful castle and having enjoyed more adventures in his lifetime than any horse has a right to expect, he misses his country cottage and friends.  So back Horace trots to Arthurstone and soon becomes involved in yet more daring exploits, including a spell in cheeky Freemantle Fox’s portrait-painting business, where he learns the value of a really nice tail.

In December 2002 Min began the fifth book on Horace The Horse.  Sadly, it was never finished as she died on January 30th 2003.


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